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IV World Congress on Child & Adolescent Rights Delegation

VIYAC lead a delegation of young Virgin Islanders who served as youth delegates, Kenyshwa Petersen & Careeme Smith in attendance to the IV World Congress on Child & Adolescent Rights. The Congress was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico from November 15-18, 2010.

Genevieve Whitaker, President & Co-Founder: Virgin Islands Youth Advocacy Coalition (VIYAC)) and U.S. Virgin Islands Youth Delegates: Kenyshwa Petersen & Careeme Smith took part in various sessions of the conference and here are some photos of various various key presenters/speakers, and youth forum executives.

VIYAC wishes to thank Senator Nereida O'Reilly for the donation of the Virgin Islands flag as part of the conference's flag ceremony, featuring flags from around the world.

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