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VIYAC Vice-President & Co-Founder Presenter at Caribbean Conference in the Cayman Islands

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

VIYAC Vice-President & Co-Founder, Dominic Latty accompanied by our President and Co-Founder, who was the youngest presenter the University College of the Cayman Islands Conference (UCCI 50-50) on Leadership, Governance and Empowerment in the Caribbean. The conference was held from March 21st to 23rd, 2012. The former Virgin Islands (U.S.) External Affairs Advisor, Dr. Carlyle Corbin was the Keynote Speaker.

Dominic presented his paper entitled, Caribbean Identities, American Polities – A study of U.S. Virgin Islands' identity and political ties and options for increased self-government and Caribbean integration.

1st Photo: Dominic giving his presentation

2nd Photo: Dr. Corbin delivering his speech

3rd Photo: Pictured here from l to right is presenter and VIYAC Vice-President & Co-Founder, Dominic Latty, Dr. Ewart Brown the former Premier of Bermuda, VIYAC President, Genevieve Whitaker, and Radio Cayman, "Talk Today," host Sterling Ebanks

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